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Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy

Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy from Our Houston Veterinarian

Cold laser therapy is a comparatively new veterinary treatment method, although it's been used in human medicine for many years. Cold laser treatments can help pets with arthritis gain more freedom of movement, aid in soft tissue injury recovery and speed wound healing. The highly effective treatment is now available at a select few veterinarians, namely Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital near Houston.

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What is Cold Laser Treatment for Dogs?

Cold laser therapy, also called low-level laser or Class IV laser, uses light energy to improve circulation and boost cell renewal. Cold laser is a non-invasive treatment that acts on the skin’s surface and is safe, gentle and therapeutic. We see excellent results in the right patients here at our animal hospital near Houston TX.

How Does Veterinary Laser Therapy Help My Pet?

Equipped with the most advanced cold laser equipment, your veterinarian near Houston can adjust laser settings to perfectly fit the treatment your pet needs. Advantages of the low-level laser at our animal hospital near Houston include: 

  • Treats soft tissue injuries such as muscle sprains
  • Improves the outcome for acute and chronic injuries 
  • Increases range of motion in arthritis patients
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Stimulates nerve tissue to encourage regeneration
  • Triggers the release of endorphins to make pets feel better overall
  • Soothes bulging spinal discs 
  • And more

What is Cold Laser Therapy for Dogs Like at the Houston Veterinarian?

No shaving or anesthesia is required for cold laser therapy for dogs at our veterinarian near Houston. A handheld laser device is applied to the target area while the dog is (usually) lying down. There are no side effects associated with pet laser therapy and no recovery time is required. There are no apparent side effects. On the contrary, pets seem to find laser treatment for dogs enjoyable and relaxing. The number of cold laser sessions needed is dictated by how well the dog responds and the progress observed during veterinary laser therapy, according to our vets near Houston.

How Do Dogs Respond to Treatment with Cold Laser?

After pet laser therapy at our vets near Houston, owners often report their dogs seem friskier or livelier and appear to have less pain, along with greater mobility. With many patients, our Houston veterinarian is able to reduce dosage of medications as pets respond to this natural treatment

Contact Our Local Houston Veterinarian for More Information Today!

Find out more about cold laser therapy for your pet at Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital in Houston. Our Houston veterinary hospital serves greater Houston including Tomball, Cypress, The Woodlands and Kingwood TX. Contact us at 281-440-4441 today.


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