Nutritional Counseling

Pet Nutritional Counseling in Houston Texas

Nutrition plays as important a role in your pet’s health as it plays in your own health. Just as you try to eat healthy, it's important to ensure that your pet is eating healthy foods that will help him or her live a long and healthy life. Pet nutrition is a lot more complicated than you may know, and that’s where we come in. At Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital in Houston, Texas, we offer nutritional counseling for pet owners who want to prevent pet obesity and give their pets the best chance to grow up healthy and strong. 

Nutritional Counseling for Pets of All Ages

Did you know that your pet’s nutritional needs will change as he or she ages? Younger pets are far more active than older pets, and their metabolism is faster and more efficient. To keep up with their energy levels and growth rate, young pets need more protein and fat than older animals. Your young pet will eat more food and may eat more often when he or she is in the younger years of life.

Still, age isn’t the only factor that affects what, how much and how often your pet should eat. Your pet’s size and animal type will affect his or her dietary needs, as well. For example, small dogs need proportionally more food than large dogs. Kittens eat continuously throughout the day because they can’t consume much food at any given sitting, while puppies will eat at set times of the day.

How are you supposed to keep all this stuff straight? You're not. At Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital, we know all this information and will tell you what you need to know as it becomes important. As your pet ages and your pet's dietary needs change, we'll tell you when it's time to change what you feed your pet. With every new visit, we'll administer a pet wellness exam so that we'll know what the state of your pet's health is, and what kind of pet diet will best suit your animal companion.

Preventing Pet Obesity Is Critical

Pets who eat the wrong foods or who eat too much food without enough exercise can easily become overweight and unhealthy. Pet obesity can lead to diabetes and even a shorter lifespan. If you want to keep your animal companion with you for many years, you'll need to:

  • Feed your pet healthy foods.
  • Limit your pet's fattening snacks.
  • Avoid feeding your pet people food.
  • Exercise your pet on a regular basis.

Many pet owners who own obese pets don't even realize that their pet is overweight. To keep your pet healthy, take your pet to a Houston Texas Veterinarian who cares about your pet's health and who understands what needs to be done in order to keep your pet a healthy weight. For more information, contact Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital today and make your first appointment.


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