Canine Physical Rehabilitation

Canine Physical Rehabilitation at Our Veterinarian near Houston

If you are in need of physical therapy for your pets we want to help you as a leading veterinarian near Houston. At the Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital, we provide canine physical rehabilitation for animals to help with rehabilitation and physical improvement. We are a holistic animal hospital that uses alternative medicine, such as physical therapy, to boost physical abilities without surgery or steroids. Learn more about our approach to physical rehabilitation before bringing your pet into your local veterinary clinic. 

Dog getting physical therapy at his veterinarian.

Canine Physical Rehabilitation for Pets

The primary reason for physical therapy for most pets is to improve physical fitness. This may be due to a lack of exercise or unhealthy diet, which has caused your pet to suffer lifestyle-related health issues. Pet surgery is another reason why physical rehabilitation can be useful. The post-operative care that includes physical rehabilitation can get your pet back up and run sooner while ensuring they are completely healed post-op. If your pet has suffered from some trauma, such as a car accident, the use of physical rehabilitation offers more than muscle development. Physical rehabilitation gives your pet a chance to develop a trusting bond with another human caretaker, which can aid in reducing post-traumatic stress in pets. 

Land Treadmill for Pets

The primary goal of physical therapy for pets is to build healthy, lean muscle. This gives your pet improved functioning and mobility. A physically fit pet is also less likely to suffer from health conditions associated with obesity or inactivity. By getting your pet moving using a land treadmill as provided at the Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital, you give your pet a new lease on life. Our vets near Houston are trained in using a land treadmill to increase muscle and improve cardiovascular function while keeping your pet safe during therapy. 

Stem Cell Therapy

In addition to offering access to a land treadmill for animals, we also offer stem cell therapy in conjunction with physical therapy. Stem cell therapy allows your vet to improve cellular functioning so that your pet can better improve during physical therapy sessions. For pets that are recovering from surgery or trauma, stem cells can boost healing and encourage healthy tissue growth. This can help your pet progress through physical therapy more efficiently. 

Holistic Care for Pets

Following a holistic approach to pet care, at the Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital, we provide comprehensive chiropractic care. For pets struggling with joint pain or muscle stiffness after physical therapy, we offer pet acupuncture and cold laser therapy. Our vets will also work with you to improve your pet's wellbeing through nutrition counseling. 

Contact Our Veterinarian in Houston for More Information on Canine Physical Rehabilitation

As your veterinarian near Houston, we want to help your pet improve its physical fitness and overall wellbeing. Our goal is to provide your pet with physical therapy as part of our holistic services for pets. Here at the Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital Dr. Dan Ahrens is ready to work with your pet. Contact your local veterinary clinic at 281-440-4441 to schedule an appointment today.


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  • "I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Crist and Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital. I have NEVER been to a doctor (especially a veterinarian) who took a full hour to do an exam and history. I was so impressed with the time taken and genuine concern that Dr. Crist had for my kiddo. I am so happy that they provide alternatives to traditional veterinarian medicine like chiropractic, acupuncture and supplements. I highly recommend VMDAH!"
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