Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy: For Cats and Dogs

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Stem cell therapy is a novel technology being used to help cats and dogs with diseases, such as osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia and soft tissues repair for ligaments and tendons. Pets are anesthetized, and about two tablespoons of fat is removed from the pet’s shoulder blade or abdomen. Within 48 hours, the lab isolates the regenerative and stem cells from the fat, and it’s ready to inject into the affected area. The cells are not modified or engineered in any manner. Extra cells can also be frozen if there’s a need for more treatment. While it’s well known that stem cells can morph into any type of tissues, they do much more. Stem cells provide chemicals and growth factors that enhance healing. It blocks inflammatory molecules and scar tissue from forming. Once injected into the pet’s affected area, the stems cells signal the body to produce substances that relieve pain. Often, improvement in the pet’s condition can be seen as soon as two weeks after treatment. Veterinarians have found that animals with ligament and tendon injuries usually respond with just one treatment. Due to the chronic nature of osteoarthritis, additional treatments may be needed. And because pets receive their own cells, there's no rejection.

No pet is too old for stem cell therapy, but a full work up should be done to access your pet’s health to determine if he or she is healthy enough for this minor surgical procedure. Most dogs with osteoarthritis are over the age of 8 and respond well to dog stem cell therapy treatment. Stem cell therapy does work on old injuries. Pets with chronic osteoarthritis have experienced dramatic improvement. Although early treatment for injured ligaments and tendons is best, stem cell therapy can help improve older injuries. Most veterinarians recommend cell stem treatment for fractures within 60 days of the injury.

Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital: Houston Veterinarian for Pet Stem Cell Therapy

At Veterans Memorial Drive Animal, we’re your Houston Veterinarian for pet stem cell therapy treatment. We offer in-house stem cell treatments for cats and dogs. During a consultation with one of our vets, they will review the condition to be treated and prognosis with stem cell therapy. We will also run a CBS and autoimmune panel on your pet. During the procedure, your pet is intubated and closely monitored with pulse oximetry and ECG. An intravenous catheter will be placed in a vein in your pet’s leg for the administration of anesthesia. After we remove your pet’s fat, your pet will be moved to surgery suite. The removed tissue is prepared to harvest the stem cells, and the prepared cells are then injected. The average time for the stem cell therapy treatment is three to four hours.

If you’re considering stem cell therapy for your four-legged companion, turn to us at Veterans Memorial Animal Hospital. We’re experienced and have had many successes.


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