Why Pet Stem Cell Therapy

Why Stem Cell Therapy at Our Animal Hospital in Houston

If your pet is suffering from acute joint pain or a degenerative chronic pain problem, you may already know that Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital can provide a variety of healing and pain management solutions. One of the most remarkable of these treatment methods is known as stem cell therapy, in which your pets own "master cells" take on the form of the tissue that needs to be repaired. But when and why might you choose this form of therapy -- and how does it provide long-lasting results? Here are some answers from our animal hospital in Houston TX.

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Our Houston Vet Discusses Stem Cells

Stem cells a critical factor in development, growth, and healing, not only in humans but in other organisms as well. These cells are "blanks”, undifferentiated cells waiting to assume the template of a particular kind of tissue. When a stem cell comes into proximity with a differentiated cell, biochemical changes transform the stem cell into the same type of cell as its neighbor. This process allows the body to create cells as needed to replace missing, damaged or destroyed ones.

How Stem Cell Therapy Relieves Pain and Promotes Healing

Tissue destruction is responsible for a great many forms of chronic and acute pain in pets. In arthritis, for instance, the cartilage between bone ends thins out and breaks up, resulting in painful bone-on-bone friction. Some forms of joint pain can also be traced to damaged tendons or ligaments in need of repair. Stem cell therapy can address these issues easily and naturally. First, your holistic veterinarian removes a sample of fat cells from your pet's own body. (No embryos or other sources are used.) The stem cells are separated from the fat within a few hours as your pet recovers from the fat removal. Your holistic veterinarian then injects the stem cells into the body part that requires some healing help, and the stem cells are put to use in restoring the injured or damaged tissues.

Stem cell therapy goes further than simple medications and other pain management options by providing long-lasting results. Some conditions may require only one treatment, while others may require the process to repeat from time to time. But it's not uncommon for a pet to enjoy substantial symptom relief for three or more years following treatment at our animal hospital in Houston Texas. Stem cell therapy's safety and long-term effectiveness make it a great option for treating joint pain, arthritis, connective tissue damage, hip dysplasia and many other causes of chronic pain. It can treat autoimmune diseases and allergies!

Our Houston Texas Veterinarian Is Ready to Help Your Pet

Contact us at 281-440-4441 to discuss stem cell therapy with your Houston Texas veterinarian. The sooner you choose this form of care, the sooner your pet can enjoy long-lasting pain relief and a higher quality of life!


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