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Our experienced team at Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital practices holistic medicine, a "whole-body" approach that employs multiple, minimally-invasive techniques to improve all aspects of your pet's health. Our services include:

General care - Bring your pet to us for wellness evaluations, spaying or neutering, dental checkups and cleanings, vaccinations, pest prevention, and other smart preventative strategies. Grooming helps keep your pet's skin, hair, and toenails clean and healthy. We offer professional grooming, bathing, and shaving services. If an emergency occurs, we can provide prompt, and possibly even lifesaving treatment.

Diagnostic ultrasound - Diagnostic ultrasound transforms sound waves into real-time images we can view on a monitor. With this technique we can quickly and accurate diagnose cancer, internal organ abnormalities, and urinary or gastrointestinal blockages.

Canine rehabilitation - Our underwater treadmill, land treadmill, cavalettis (gait training), therapy balls , and other techniques are available in programs and packages to help your dog recover from orthopedic surgery or injuries.

Therapeutic laser - Laser therapy penetrates the tissues harmlessly to stimulate cell repair and circulation while relieving pain, making it a great recovery or pain management tool.

Ozone and cranial sacral therapies - Ozone therapy provides extra oxygen to the body for accelerated healing,. Cranial sacral therapy improves the "primary respiration" of flow of spinal fluid from head to tail.

Chiropractic - A spinal misalignment or injury can cause nerve dysfunction, weakness and pain in your pet. Chiropractic adjustment gently restores normal spinal alignment to release trapped nerves and promote normal function.

Boarding - We provide veterinary boarding at our facility for non-aggressive dogs and cats. We offer different sizes of accommodations for our guests, with all meals provided (unless you prefer to contribute his favorite food). Puppy playtime, doggy daycare, cat scratching posts, and administration of medications by our trained veterinary staff all create a positive, healthy environment for your pet while you're away.

Acupuncture - Acupuncture has thousands of years of knowledge and success behind it. Tiny needles, applied in strategic spots, stimulate the production of endorphins (natural painkillers). Acupuncture also improves circulation and relieves muscle spasms, making it helpful for treating chronic pain, injuries, and gastrointestinal or respiratory disorders.

Stay Connected Through Our Pet Portals

At Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital, we don't just provide your pet with a range of services; we also make it uniquely easy for you to keep up with those services, thanks to our online Pet Portals. Your pet will have his very own profile page fed by our veterinary database, so you can always see which procedures he's had and when the next procedure is due, 24/7. Select from three different appointment-scheduling options, pre-order prescriptions, and upload pictures of your furry friend to his confidential profile. We'll even send e-cards to your pet on his birthday! It's a great "high-tech" service for ensuring that all your pets are getting the care and attention they need and deserve. Call us today at 281-440-4441 to learn more!


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "I’ve been coming here for over 25 years and with over a dozen pups. I’ve moved 4 times and regardless of distance VMDAH is the only choice for me."
    Bob N.
  • "I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Crist and Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital. I have NEVER been to a doctor (especially a veterinarian) who took a full hour to do an exam and history. I was so impressed with the time taken and genuine concern that Dr. Crist had for my kiddo. I am so happy that they provide alternatives to traditional veterinarian medicine like chiropractic, acupuncture and supplements. I highly recommend VMDAH!"
    Whitley J.