Ear Infections

Pet Ear Infections Treated by Our Veterinarians in Houston

Did you know that pets can get ear infections just like humans? Our veterinarian near Houston is ready to treat the conditions causing these ear infections. Here at the Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital Dr. Dan Ahrens provides comprehensive pet care including the treatment and prevention of ear infections. Discover the symptoms and causes of ear infections, as well as how preventative care can help keep your pet free of infection.

Beagle puppy happy his ear infection is gone.

Diagnosis of Ear Infections in Pets

Ear infections can be extremely painful for pets, and home diagnosis can lead to further complications. Therefore, you need to contact a veterinary clinic to get a professional diagnosis. When visiting the vet bring any information you can about the ear infection, such as when it started and how your pet has reacted. Additionally, bring the treatments and medications you are using to treat the pet. 

Symptoms of Ear Infections 

When a pet is suffering from an ear infection the signs are often easy to detect. These include pawing at the ear, whining unusually, and shaking their head. If the pet is pawing at the ear it’s most likely due to itchiness, and it can cause the skin to become scabby or scaly. The ear may have a funky odor or discharge that is dark and odorous. It may also be swollen and red due to inflammation or infection.

Common Causes of Ear Infections 

In pets, ear infections can be external or internal. For external ear infections, particularly in dogs, the infection is caused by bacteria, excessive hair, or allergies. Internal ear infections may be due to yeast infections, ear mites, moisture in the ear, or hypothyroidism. Additionally, canines have a vertical ear canal, which differs from a horizontal canal of humans, which makes it easy for objects to be lodged inside. Everything from foreign bodies, such as spiders or dirt, to moisture, can be stuck in the canal leading to an infection. 

Treatment and Prevention

If your pet already has an ear infection the treatment will depend on the type of infection they are suffering from. Typically the treatment will involve a topical ointment or oral medication. If your pet is prone to ear infections, such as those caused by hypothyroidism or yeast infections, your veterinarian can provide you with tips and treatments as part of preventative care. 

The best method for preventing an ear infection in your pet is through regular wellness checks. By visiting your vets near Houston on a regular basis for a thorough checkup and cleaning, your pet will be less likely to suffer from the infection caused by buildup in the ear canal. Furthermore, such issues can be caught early on to help avoid suffering for your pet.

Contact Our Houston Veterinary Doctor Today!

If you are concerned your pet is suffering from an ear infection, please contact a veterinary doctor in Houston. Your pet’s hearing and livelihood are at risk, and this could be a sign of something more serious going on. Contact Dr. Ahrens at the Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital at 281-440-4441 to schedule an appointment today.


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