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Help Your Pet Build Muscles with a Land Treadmill in Houston

If you’ve ever set foot on a treadmill, you already know how they operate. You stand on the platform and move your legs forward as the roller moves in the opposite direction. This lets you continue walking or running on the treadmill in the comfort of your own home, gym, or for a pet, veterinarian. It turns out that animals can benefit from walking or running on a treadmill too.

Dog on land treadmill, recovers from a recent injury in Houston.

At our veterinary clinic in Houston, TX, Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital has been using treadmills to treat animals that have poor muscle development to regain muscle mass quickly and safely. Many pet owners looking for a veterinarian near Houston are hoping to find professionals who know about using land treadmills. Your search is over now, and we will be happy to provide rehab services with the treadmill to your companion animal at your earliest convenience.

Your Pet Can Start Using the Land Treadmill at Our Animal Hospital after a Consultation

Even if you have personal experience walking or running on treadmills, a quick introduction to this therapeutic option is in order. A land treadmill helps get your pet accustomed to a new way of walking (also known as changing its gait). Walking on a treadmill also encourages pets to use their limbs when healing from an injury or surgery. When a pet has been recuperating from a disease or surgery, muscle mass can diminish in size. It can be hard for animals to put back muscle by themselves, but you can help out by bringing your pet to the animal hospital for rigorous workouts on our land treadmill.

Benefits of Using a Land Treadmill in Houston

One benefit of walking on the treadmill instead of just walking on the ground with a leash is that the treadmill tends to make pets walk with a longer than usual stride, which uses energy as well as promoting muscle mass. The treadmill also keeps pets to avoid stepping on sharp objects that they might encounter while out of doors.

Keep in mind that the veterinarian can also adjust the angle of the land treadmill to simulate walking up a hill, which helps make stronger muscles. We can also change the treadmill’s speed to force your pet to walk faster, which is another way to improve muscle development. And as your pet loses any extra (and unhealthy) pounds, it will be gaining muscle mass. Greater muscle mass allows your pet to play longer and harder and it helps promote overall wellness.

Make an Appointment at Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital Today!

If your animal companion has limited muscle development, there’s no need for you to fret any longer. The veterinary professionals at Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital have years of experience using land treadmills to help pets build muscle in a safe and supervised environment. 

Anyone who has been searching for vets near Houston for land treadmill rehabilitation will be glad to know that our experts have helped other pets achieve success and we can do the same for your animal. For details on our services or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today at 281-440-4441.


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