Preventative Care

Preventative Care for Your Pets at Our Veterinarian Clinic in Houston

A healthy pet starts with the veterinary care you offer to an animal. When you take steps to prevent health complications by working with an animal hospital, you keep your dog, cat or other pets healthy and active. The key is recognizing the preventative care that your pet needs and when to seek treatment to prevent a health complication.

Dog and cat snuggling healthy from preventative care.

Why Consider Preventative Care from Vets?

Preventative care from vets in our clinic plays a key role in keeping your pet healthy by limiting the risks to his or her well-being. It allows a veterinarian to catch problems at an early stage and provide appropriate treatment. It also ensures that your pet has a low risk of potential health concerns based on lifestyle factors. For example, regular treatment for fleas and ticks may prevent the parasites from infesting your pets. By seeking preventative care, you limit exposure to health risks and ensure that your pet has proper solutions when a problem develops.

Services a Veterinarian near Houston Offers in our Clinic

Our veterinary clinic in Houston offers a variety of services for preventative care. We focus on the needs of your pet, so the specific recommendations for your pet's health differ based on their current health.

Common services we recommend for most pets include:

  • Vaccinations against common health risks
  • Dental cleanings and treatments for your pet's teeth to prevent gum disease or damaged teeth
  • Dietary suggestions based on your pets health and needs
  • Treatments for parasites, including preventative treatments and solutions when a pet has a parasite
  • Health exams to check for problems with a pet's health
  • Microchipping
  • Referrals when a pet shows behavioral concerns

In our clinic, we take measures to keep your pet healthy by ensuring proper treatment and care. We discuss your pet's health and clarify the amount of exercise your pet needs or the appropriate nutrition for your pet's optimal health.

Benefits of Pet Wellness Exams

Pet wellness exams give your pet an advantage by ensuring that he or she does not face severe complications with long-term well-being. Certain health risks, like cancer, require early intervention for your pet's health. By getting regular pet wellness exams, you reduce the risk of complications and catch health concerns at an early stage.

The exams look for common health risks to your pet. It also allows a veterinary professional to recommend adjustments to your pet's diet, exercise or lifestyle. We focus on the specific needs of an animal throughout the exam.

Advantages of Pet Insurance Policies

When you decide to seek preventative treatments for your pet, you want to use a pet insurance policy. The policy allows you to consider treatments when an exam suggests your pet has a health problem. It also assists with the costs of preventative care and regular treatments when you are unsure about the expense of bringing a pet into your home. The advantages of the policy vary based on your pet's age and current health.

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Keeping your pet healthy starts with preventative care. At our clinic, we offer exams and checkups to catch problems at an early stage and provide the appropriate treatment for your pet. To learn more about our treatment options or to set up an appointment with a veterinary professional, contact us at 281-440-4441 today.


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