Heartworm and Parasites Prevention

Heartworm and Parasites Prevention in Houston

Preventative care is your pet’s greatest chance for avoiding heartworm and parasites. These two conditions can lead to serious illness and subsequent death. To protect your pet vets near Houston at Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital provide heartworm and parasite preventatives. First, take some time to learn more about heartworm and parasite symptoms and diagnoses.

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Importance of Preventative Care

All of your pets are able to contract parasites and/or heartworm including those who are indoors or living alone thanks to insects, mice, and birds. The optimal solution for protecting your pets is through preventative care. While we can successfully treat a pet that has contracted heartworm or has been infested by parasites, these conditions are no fun for pets to experience. Additionally, treatment for heartworm and parasites can be quite costly, both in time and money. Avoid the issue by choosing preventative care by a veterinary provider in Houston.

Types of Diseases to Prevent

When your pet is infested with parasites including heartworm they can suffer serious internal damage. For heartworm, the condition causes inflammation throughout the blood vessels. This is from the parasite, which is foot-long worms, moving through the pet's blood vessels. This can lead to blood blockages, pulmonary thrombosis, and even heart failure. Other parasites including fleas and ticks can cause bacterial infections including Lyme disease.

How to Choose the Best Preventative for Your Pet

Every pet is different in terms of choosing the best preventative for them. For example, you may have a small dog who stays indoors and is never around other animals or a large cat that lives outdoors on a farm with livestock. When your vets near Houston provide preventative treatments they will do so based on the whole picture of your pet. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and what works with some pets will not be effective with others.

Symptoms of Heartworm

Heartworm symptoms offer a clear sign that your pet is dealing with this disease. Common signs of heartworm infection include sudden weight loss or lack of desire to eat, along with fatigue and lethargy. Your pet may have a bulging chest or an inability to breath normally, coupled with a soft, dry cough. There are four stages of heartworm. By getting your pet to a vet as soon as possible for treatment, you can prevent the heartworms from growing to adulthood and spreading through the pet’s internal systems.

Diagnosis of Heartworm and Parasites at Our Veterinarians in Houston

At the earliest stage, your pet may not show any signs of heartworm or parasites. This is why it is so important to bring your pet to a veterinarian near Houston for annual pet wellness exams. Additionally, by using heartworm preventative for parasites you can be more at ease about whether your pet is suffering from an infection.

Contact Our Veterinarians near Houston for More Information!

As you strive to protect your pet using heartworm and parasite preventatives, contact a veterinarian near Houston. Dr. Dan Ahrens at Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital offers a diverse selection of treatments and barriers for heartworm and parasites in pets. To schedule a visit with your pet for preventative care contact Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital at 281-440-4441 today.


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