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Pet Vaccinations in Houston, Texas 

Pet care is more than just feeding and brushing your dog or cat. It also includes making sure it's in the best health possible. The veterinarians at Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital advise that you have your pet vaccinated on a regular basis. This is one of the primary means we have of giving your pet a long and healthy life, and for you to avoid expensive future visits to our Houston animal hospital. Pets need a variety of vaccinations throughout their lives, from puppy and kitten beginning vaccine series to sets of core and non-core vaccinations needed by cats and dogs on a regular basis. If you're not familiar with needed Houston Texas pet vaccinations, you probably have many questions. 

Pet Vaccination Frequently Asked Questions

My pet got puppy or kitten shots last year. Why do I need to have it done again?  Just like in humans, vaccines in dogs and cats only last for a limited amount of time. Once the initial vaccines wear out, your pet is vulnerable to diseases once again unless you have it vaccinated once again. Most pets need yearly boosters, but your pet's schedule may be different. Our doctors will let you know what's best for your pet.

What are core and non-core vaccinations?  Core vaccines are those that prevent the most deadly and communicable diseases in both dogs and cats. Every pet needs to have a series of core vaccines, and some of them are even required by law, such as rabies.

Non-core vaccines, on the other hand, are those that are needed according to a pet's lifestyle. If they're boarded frequently, if they come in contact with many other pets, or if you visit certain areas of the country, our doctors may recommend non-core vaccines for your pet.

What vaccines does my dog need?  At a minimum, your dog will need to be vaccinated against rabies, canine distemper, canine hepatitis and parvovirus. It may also need vaccinations against Lyme disease, kennel cough, and other diseases if its lifestyle calls for it.

What about my cat's vaccines? Core vaccines for cats are those for rabies, feline herpes virus and calicivirus and feline distemper.

All pets that start their vaccination schedules early and keep up with regular boosters will live longer and healthier lives. Vaccines strengthen your dog or cat's immune system, allowing them to fight off a host of dangerous and deadly diseases. The result will be your pet living a happier life and you being able to avoid expensive and stressful emergency pet hospital visits.

For all your questions about pet vaccines and to make an appointment to begin your pet's vaccination schedule, call our Houston animal hospital. Our staff is happy to help you in any way possible. The team at Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital is dedicated to keeping your pet healthy, and regular vaccinations are the core of every healthy pet lifestyle.


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