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Information About Ticks from Our Vets Near Houston

Here in Houston pets are more likely to get bitten and infected by certain ticks due to the geographical location and climate. As you work to prevent ticks from harming your pets, we want to help. At the Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital, your vets near Houston can provide tick prevention, as well as treatment for tick bites and infestations. Learn more about what to expect when dealing with ticks in Houston, Texas. 

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Different Types of Ticks in Houston

In general, ticks are classified as hard ticks and soft ticks based on whether or not they have a dorsal shell. Hard ticks are more common in Texas and include the Lone Star tick, black-legged deer tick, American dog tick, and brown dog tick. The tick to be most wary of is the black-legged deer tick. This tick is the leading carrier of Lyme disease, which is a bacterial disease that causes serious health problems in human victims including migraines, heart palpitations, and joint pain. Nymphs, or baby black-legged ticks, and adults are carriers of Lyme disease. In the spring and summer, the nymphs of these ticks are more prominent, while adult black-legged ticks are most active in fall and winter. 

Diseases of Ticks

The most notable disease of ticks is Lyme disease. Other diseases include anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Fortunately, these diseases are rare and can be prevented through veterinary treatment for pets. Additionally, if you see a tick on your pet remove it immediately to prevent the spread of disease. 

How to Safely Remove a Tick

Start with a clean pair of tweezers and clean hands to remove a tick safely. Using the tweezers grasp the entire tick, not just its head, and pull steadily upward. Do not jerk it away as this can break the tick in half, leaving its head in the skin. Never apply kerosene or use heated tweezers to remove a tick. Once the tick is removed clean the pet’s skin with peroxide or hot soapy water. Finally, write down where the tick was removed on your pet, and take this information with you to your next visit with your veterinary doctor in Houston. You can also take a snapshot using your phone so to document the appearance of the bitten area. 

Pet Tick Prevention at Vets near Houston

The best way to prevent ticks is to visit vets near Houston for medically approved tick prevention. Flea and tick prevention involve some form of medication or topical ointment used to ward off the infestation of these pests. Your vet in Houston can choose the right type of treatment for preventing ticks for your pet, based on their size, lifestyle, and geographical location. These treatments may include oral medications, collars, or topical medications applied to certain areas of their skin.

Contact Our Local Houston Veterinarians for More Information on Ticks

At a veterinarian near Houston provides tick prevention and treatment services at the Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital. We also serve as a comprehensive vet practice offering pet wellness exams, vaccines, spay/neuter, and senior pet care. Contact our office at 281-440-4441 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dan Ahrens for tick services. 


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