Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care in Houston, TX

Senior pets need more care and attention than pets of a younger age. At Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital, we help pet owners take care of their senior pets. From vaccines to hospice care, senior pets need a variety of services delivered by a trusted and skilled medical professional. Whether your pet is healthy and active or struggling with his or her health, we'll help your pet live a long, full life.

senior pet care in Houston, TX

How Senior Pet Care is Different at Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital

As pets age, they become high risk for a variety of problems, such as arthritis, heart disease, cancer and more. As a result, senior pets need a variety of accommodations in order to remain comfortable and healthy.

Special diet- Senior pets need a special diet in order to stay healthy. Many older pets need less protein and less fat than younger pets. At Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital, we help pet owners learn to feed their older pets properly in order to keep them healthy.

Special bedding and accommodations at home- Older pets often suffer from pain and discomfort in their joints. Making special accommodations at home is like putting your pet's bed on the ground and giving your pet a softer place to sleep, can help your pet stay comfortable while at home.

Exercise- Older pets need regular gentle exercise in order to keep their joints flexible. Some pet owners will need to increase their activity with their pets to accommodate this need, while other pets may need to reduce their activity levels to prevent injury. We help pet owners find the right level of exercise for their older pets.

Mental stimulation- Mental stimulation is important for pets of all ages, but this is especially true of older pets. Playing games with your pet, talking to your pet and taking your pet to new locations can help your pet's mind stay healthy.

Services Offered with Your Houston Veterinarian

At Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital in Houston, we provide a range of services for senior pets. For example:

Vaccines- Senior pets may lose some of their ability to fight off infections. Vaccinations can help boost your senior pet's immune system and keep your pet healthy.

Wellness exams- We recommend that senior pets increase their wellness exams to two times per year. This helps us catch your senior pet's medical conditions and illnesses in a timely fashion, so your pet can get treatment ASAP.

Pest control- Older pets may be more vulnerable to the effects of parasites and pests like fleas. We help older pets avoid pest problems.

End of life care- When your older pet reaches the end of his or her life, we provide care to help your pet stay comfortable.

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At your Houston veterinarian hospital, we help senior pets stay healthy. For more help, contact your Houston vet at 281-440-4441. We'll be happy to answer your questions or help you make an appointment.


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